National Resource Adequacy Assessment Methodology for Ireland and Northern Ireland Consultation

Closed4 Dec, 2023, 11:00 - 26 Jan, 2024, 16:00

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EirGrid has today published a National Resource Adequacy Assessment Methodology for Ireland and Northern Ireland. The methodology document can be found on this page or through the EirGrid website.

EirGrid are looking to the power system of the future and seek to enhance the approach for assessing long term resource adequacy. This methodology outlines the proposed approach. The updated methodology will be used to enhance the existing methodology currently implemented in EirGrid and SONI’s joint publication, the Generation Capacity Statement.

This will be the first of three consultations on the National Resource Adequacy Assessment:

  1. Methodology Consultation – Now open until 12th January
    1. Webinar to be scheduled for Wednesday 13th December
  2. Inputs & Assumptions Consultation – Q1 2024
  3. Final Report Consultation – Q4 2024


EirGrid encourages feedback on the questions posed within the paper. These responses should be submitted through the EirGrid Consultation Portal no later than 16:00 on 12th January 2024.



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Q1. Do you have any comments on the factors considered in forecasting the Total Electricity Requirement (TER)?
Q2. Do you have any comments on the approach to modelling demand and flexibility?
Q3. Can you identify any resources that could be considered under this methodology which are not listed above?
Q4. Do you agree with the proposed approach to modelling the resources listed above?
Q5. Can you identify any additional indicators that may support communicating resource adequacy results?
Q6. Do you agree with the approach to modelling resource adequacy implementing stochastic assessments using a techno-economic model?
Q7. Are there any considerations beyond those listed above that you would like to see considered in future adequacy assessments?