Other Route Options we Considered

Closed7 Sep, 2022, 9:00am - 30 Nov, 2022, 11:59pm

Other route options we considered

There were other route sections that we considered but did not bring forward for public consultation because we believe they would not be appropriate for this project. You can see these below in Figure 9 but these sections are not being developed for further consideration. These include: 

  • A route via Rowan between the M3 and Kilbride
  • A route travelling north to Priest Town which then travelled south to join Option B between Kilbride and Coolquoy
  • A route from Baytown to Coolquoy via Newtown Commons
  • A route heading south along the R147 after the crossing of the M3 to Damastown, which then travelled east to Tyrrelstown to Hollywoodrath
  • A route from Coolquoy to St Margaret’s Golf and Country Club via Corrstown Golf Club
  • A route from Corrstown to the R108 via Brackenstown.

Other potential route sections were excluded during the feasibility stage of this project.

Map of Routes not Progressed

Figure 9: Other route options considered
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Interactive Map: Other routes considered