SOEF Markets – Future Arrangements for System Services – DASSA Product Review & Locational Methodology Consultation Paper

Open6 Jun, 2024, 10:42 - 18 Jul, 2024, 17:00

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EirGrid has today published a consultation paper on the Day-Ahead System Services Auction (DASSA) Product Review & Locational Methodology.


As part of the ongoing work to develop Future Arrangements for System Services, EirGrid and SONI have developed proposals for the design of the DASSA.


These proposals are based on the High-Level Design set out by the SEM Committee (SEM-22-012) and look to review the reserve products to be procured in the DASSA, and the development of a locational methodology that would support RES-E (electricity from renewable generation sources) objectives.


Responses to the consultation, preferably structured in line with the specific questions raised in this paper, should be submitted via the EirGrid consultation portal by 18 July 2024


Please note your response will be publicly available for viewing on the portal. If you require your response to remain confidential, please clearly state this in your response.


An online industry workshop, at which the TSOs will present our proposals for interested parties is scheduled for June 19th from 9:30am. to 11:30am.


If you have any queries; please contact

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Please find questions associated with this consultation in the attachments of the consultation; or at this link