PR5 DSO/TSO Joint Incentive Multi- Year Plan 2025-2029: Call for Input

Open28 Jun, 2024, 09:00 - 9 Aug, 2024, 17:00

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EirGrid, and ESB Networks have commenced the process of developing its PR5 TSO Multi Year Plans for 2025-2029 as required per CRU/20/154. EirGrid and ESB Networks propose to use the content relevant to 2025-2028 as detailed in its previously published PR5 DSO/TSO Multi Year Plans for 2024-2028 as the starting point for the PR5 DSO/TSO Multi Year Plans for 2025-2029. EirGrid and ESB Networks will also take account of updates to programmes such as EirGrid’s Shaping Our Electricity Future, and Distribution Markets and System Operation (DMSO) function where relevant. 


Consultation Question: 

Via this Call for Input Consultation, EirGrid and ESB Networks invite stakeholder views on and input into the proposed approach. This is being sought in advance of the system operators’ finalisation of the PR5 DSO/TSO Multi Year Plans for 2025-2029 and submission of same to the CRU. The consultation response document and final DSO/TSO Multi Year Plan for 2025-2029, will inform the CRU's Balanced Scorecard 2025 Decision.


Next Steps: 

Interested stakeholders’ views are invited until 5:00pm on 9th August 2024. Responses can be submitted through the EirGrid Consultation Portal. Alternatively, responses can be submitted to ESB Networks on its corresponding platforms. ESB Networks and EirGrid will share any responses received on this Call for Input Consultation between them.


Please note that, in the DSO/TSO Call for Input consultation response which will be made publicly available, we will respond to respondents’ comments and feedback within the scope of this consultation only. Comments and feedback outside the scope of this consultation will not be addressed in the consultation response.


If your response is marked as confidential it will not be shared outside of EirGrid plc, ESB Networks and the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU). If your response is not marked as confidential it will be shared publicly in our consultation response document, on our portal and with the Regulatory Authorities, and may be shared with relevant third parties as requested.

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EirGrid welcomes your feedback on the questions posed within the paper. Your responses should be submitted through the EirGrid Consultation Portal no later than 17:00 on 2nd August 2024.