Kildare Meath Grid Upgrade: Step 4 Consultation on Underground Cable Route Options

Closed31 Aug, 2021, 00:01 - 22 Nov, 2021, 23:59

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Who are EirGrid – and what do we do? 

EirGrid is responsible for a safe, secure and reliable supply of electricity – now and in the future. We develop, manage and operate the electricity transmission grid. This grid brings power from where it is generated to where it is needed throughout Ireland. We use the grid to supply power to industry and businesses that use large amounts of electricity. The grid also powers the distribution network and supplies the electricity you use every day in your homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and farms.

About this update 

We want to hear what you have to say about the 4 underground cable route options we are considering for the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade. This update is for you as stakeholders, communities, landowners and members of the public interested in finding out more about the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade. 

This site provides information about the project, and we hope it will help you take part in this consultation. We are on Step 4 of a 6-step process. Please read this information to understand our thinking and to understand how you can give us your feedback.

The consultation is open from 31 August 2021 to 22 November 2021. We are consulting on four underground cable route options (see page 6) for the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade. We will consider feedback on all four route options before deciding on what the best route option is to take forward to detailed design. 

This site provides up-to-date information on the project, including: 

  • what is the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade,
  • have your say,
  • our 6-step approach to consultation and engagement,
  • what has happened on the project so far,
  • the study area and route options,
  • what does underground cable construction look like,
  • community forum, and
  • Step 4 at a glance.

What is the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade?

Why is the project needed and what are the benefits?
Benefits graph: 1 Competition - Apply downward pressure on the cost of electricity 2 Sustainability - Help facilitate Ireland's transition to a low carbon energy future 3. Economic - Contribute to the regional economy and support foreign direct investment 4. Community Deliver community benefit in the areas that facilitate the project infrastructure

A significant amount of electricity is generated in the south andsouth west of Ireland. This electricity needs to be transported to the east of Ireland, where it is needed. This electricity is currently transported on two high-voltage power lines from Moneypoint in Co. Clare to the Dunstown substation in Co. Kildare (near Two Mile House) and Woodland substation in Co. Meath (near Batterstown). Transporting more electricity on these lines could cause electricity supply problems within Ireland, particularly if one of the lines is lost (where power is out) unexpectedly.

The Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade will add a high-capacity underground electricity connection between Dunstown substation and Woodland substation. The upgrade will help to more effectively transfer power to the east of the country and distribute it within the electricity network in Meath, Kildare and surrounding counties. 

The project is essential to enable further development of renewable energy generation in line with Government policy ambitions of having at least 70% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030. This includes transporting electricity from offshore renewable sources.

The project will also help meet the growing demand for electricity in the east. This growth is due to increased economic activity and the planned connection of new large-scale IT industry and other industry infrastructure in Kildare, Meath and Dublin. 



Apply downward pressure on the cost of electricity.
Help facilitate Ireland’s transition to a low carbon energy future.
Security of Supply
Improve electricity supply for Ireland’s electricity consumers.
Contribute to the regional economy and support foreign direct investment.
Deliver community benefit in the areas that facilitate the project infrastructure.

Have your say

We are inviting you to give feedback on the four route options for the Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade. We want to know what you think about each option. Is there anything else we should be taking account of? Have you any other feedback we should consider? 

The consultation period is from 31 August to 22 November 2021. We encourage you to engage with us and have your say as early as possible during the consultation period. 

forum How can I have my say?

This consultation period is open from 31 August to 22 November 2021. All submissions will be published on the portal with names. If you do not wish your name to be included please include your request in the body of your submission. 

There are many ways you can give feedback. These include:

Make on online submission 

Provide written feedback on each option by registering for a free account on this platform and make a submission using the link opposite. 


Respond to a questionnaire 

Complete a simple online questionnaire here 


By Email

Send your comments by email to



Write your own submission and freepost it back to us

Kildare-Meath Grid Upgrade Consultation, EirGrid plc, Freepost FDN 5312, 160 Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, D04 FW28.

Who can I contact? 

If you would like to find out more information on this project, you can:
Email; or 
Contact your local Community Liaison Officer: 
Gráinne Duffy on +353 (0)85 887 4798.

Where can I find out more? 

You can find out more in different ways. 

Sign up to a webinar Arrange to speak to a team member directly Visit our project website

What happens next?

We will collate all the feedback we receive, analyse it and publish a report on it. We will outline any decisions that have been made and how you informed those decisions.