Industry Consultation: Shaping our Electricity Future

Closeddate_range8 Mar, 2021, 12:00am - 14 Jun, 2021, 11:59pm

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In consultation with the Government, regulator, industry stakeholders and consumers, EirGrid will publish the inaugural Shaping Our Electricity Future Roadmap in Autumn 2021. This is a watershed event both for our industry and for society and the economy in general. The proposed energy transition is a cornerstone of Ireland’s response to climate breakdown.

The purpose of the roadmap is to advise and guide the Government, regulator, industry stakeholders and consumers on the optimal pathway to deliver our ultimate ambition for a renewables-based power system, while maintaining an affordable, secure, and reliable power system.

Crucially, the roadmap will help us to identify the key initiatives required to reach the next stage in this ambition, namely achieving 70% renewable energy by 2030. 

Consultation to shape the future

This consultation sets out a range of credible approaches and options to meet the Renewable Ambition. We are asking for your feedback on what the optimal roadmap to achieve the Renewable Ambition should include. EirGrid are seeking the optimal network investments, electricity market reforms and changes to system operations that achieve the Renewable Ambition, while maintaining the reliability of the electricity supply and minimising the overall cost to the electricity consumer.

In particular, EirGrid would like your feedback on the analysis, data and findings of reviews performed on electricity markets, networks and system operations. We will use this feedback to help validate our scenario-based models and to update assumptions, drivers and risks. The revised models will be used to produce the final Shaping our electricity future roadmap outlining steps for optimal delivery of the Renewable Ambition. The target date for publishing the final roadmap is autumn 2021.

We want to hear from a diverse range of people, groups and industries from across the country. This is essential to the success of this initiative, which at its heart is about delivering a clean, affordable, efficient and secure electricity supply to consumers by 2030. 

This is ‘Our’ electricity future, your grid, your network, your power supply. Help us shape it and together we can deliver a transformed power system for future generations.

Industry Forum on Shaping Our Electricity Future

Industry stakeholders attended the EirGrid Industry Forum on Shaping Our Electricity Future on 22 April 2021 from 9am to 1pm. Download the presentation below. 

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Our ask of you

Please consider the full technical report accompanied by the technical executive summary and submit your views through our online questionnaire available below. This consultation period is open until 12 noon on 14 June 2021.


It would be helpful if responses are not confidential. If you require your response to remain confidential, you should clearly state this on the coversheet of the response. We intend to publish all non-confidential responses. While confidential responses will not be published, the list of all those who submitted a response will be published. Note EirGrid is subject to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2014.