Option D - The Blue Option

Closed7 Sep, 2022, 9:00am - 30 Nov, 2022, 11:59pm

Option D - The Blue Option

Option D is the second longest proposed route at 41km but has the second shortest off-road section of the four options at approximately 4km.

Option D will exit Woodland substation by travelling south on an off-road route to join the R156. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this.  It then turns east near Barstown Industrial Estate, sharing the same route as Option A for the first 7km, before turning north at Baytowncross towards Vesington. The route travels along this local road to join the R154 in the townland of Quarryland. 

From there, the route will progress east to the R147, crossing the M3 Motorway south of the flyover which is to the south of the M3 Southern Toll Plaza. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this motorway crossing.

Option D will follow the L5026 Pace to the east, continuing along the minor road which passes through Kinoristown, which is then shared by all four route options. Near Kilbride, a potential off-road corridor is shown for this option. 

The route travels south e d through Hollystown to join the R121 and will then cross the M2 Motorway. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this motorway crossing. From here, it travels east until it reaches the R122, passing the Ward Cross along the way.

Like Option C, Option D follows the R122 south, then uses Kilreesk Lane, Kilreesk Road and the Cooks Road. Like Options A and B, Option D uses Naul Road on the northern border of Dublin Airport.

From northeast of the airport, Option D would also briefly use Stockhole Lane before crossing the M1 motorway. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this motorway crossing. From the crossing of the motorway the route will return to Stockhole Lane travelling south before joining the R139. Here it will travel east and then north into Belcamp substation via the existing access road. ​​​​​​

Map of Option D

Figure 8: Option D: The Blue Option
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Interactive Map: Option D - The Blue Option

This option passes by [Redacted: Personal Information] on a narrow country road with no hard shoulder and ditches either side. I’m concerned about how access will be maintained. I’m concerned about...
As above woodland station to R154 makes sense. The road has been widened and upgraded unlike R156 (narrow road)
Not bad but too long
The map is not detailed enough at Ward Cross to know what lands are impacted.
Our house is [Redacted: Personal Information], although this is a small section of the proposed route the road I live on is common to each route option (Red, Green, Yellow & Blue) being...