Option B - The Green Route

Closed7 Sep, 2022, 09:00 - 30 Nov, 2022, 23:59

Option B - The Green Route

Option B is the second shortest of the proposed route options at 38km, with the second longest off-road section of approximately 7km. It shares a common route with Option A in multiple sections between Woodland and Belcamp but follows an alternative path for more than half of the course. 

Option B will travel off-road in a southeast direction from Woodland until it reaches the L2215 in the townland of Lismahon. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this. At this local road, the route travels south in the road to the R156. From there, the route option will advance east along the same route as Option A, avoiding Dunboyne.

It will cross the:

  • River Tolka,
  • M3 Motorway at Junction 5, and potentially the
  • Railway at M3 Parkway.

The motorway itself is avoided as any crossing here will most likely be via Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) or via a tunnel. A potential off-road corridor is shown for th crossing.

The route will then re-join the R147 and progresses south as far as Bracetown Business Park. It continues northeast along this road until it joins another shared route with Option A for the 4 km leading into Kilbride.

However, in Kilbride, the proposed Option B travels north out of Kilbride and along a narrow road, through the townlands of Baytown, Mabestown and Irishtown.

Option B will cross the M2 Motorway at the flyover to the west of Coolquay, before joining the R135 in the village of Coolquay. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this motorway crossing. It travels south from there through the Ward Cross to Broughan. The route then travels east once more, joining the R122 via Broughan Lane and Newtown Cottages, rather than continuing as far as Kilshane Cross.

Option B will bypass St Margaret’s and join the R108. Like Option A, the route will follow the northern boundary of Dublin Airport. From there, Option B will travel along Stockhole Lane before crossing the M1 motorway. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this motorway crossing. Option B will also remain off-road for its onward connection, Belcamp. A potential off-road corridor is shown for this.

Map of Option B

Figure 6: Option B: The Green Option
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Interactive Map: Option B - The Green Option

Very small / narrow lane with a big agricultural buiness on it trucks would never get up and down the road it it was to close. Events: On the green route a lot of tillage fields along it....
This option does not pass my house. I’ve no comment on it.
Dear Sir/Madam RE  CO1921  CABLE ROUTE B OPTION Further to meeting with EIrgrid Consultants and Grainne Duffy at the recent Open Day at St Margarets GAA Complex I outlined...
Using the yellow option from woodland would maximise the use of local roads
Good second option